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The kernel version is 2. Also, I’m not sure that this is true of the WindPC, but some hardware won’t respond to a WOL after loosing and then regaining mains power. No AMD K8 thermal sensors I also allowed for the mii dependency as in your notes. This also has the advantage that you don’t need an enormous capacity and cost CF card.

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I’m using pm-suspend and also –quirk-s3-bios. Watchdog is probably not needed for a SC server and removal of watchdog support could reduce the number of variables in play. Contact us first before shipping items back. I found a helpful script to mms-7418 it in Ubuntu, and I imagine a similar fix or a manual install of the correct driver exists for Fedora. I will repeat the primary issue I posted in case this secondary issue obscured it.

This is a big wwind to me. It still probably needs a little tweaking, because when it came out of suspend the video didn’t seem to wake up.

I had ordered it with a 1tb wd green hd and 2gb of memory.

Support For Wind PC (Linux) | Desktop – The most versatile consumer pc | MSI Global

S1 S3 S4 S5 hw. Because the audiodir is on a separate partition I can remount it read-write to add material, update metadata, etc. I do not know how Ubuntu configures watchdog support or whether it would be an issue for S3 or whether the Wind PC even has a watchdog timer at all.


This is usually safe though. With hibernate, squeezecenter can serve music 30 seconds after the wake-up command. Like gharris says and now I learn, a lot of other folks on the MSI forumthe fan may be a little louder with 1. But after taking a quick look at syburgh’s notes which he was very generous to postI’m thinking this is really really hard.

The first time, I kept the DVD connected. With hindsight, should I have bought a x CF card or a solid state hard drive to run Windows and program files?

I may be back with questions mssi. Maybe it was configured as eth2 because I installed the system on CF card using a different computer that had 2 network adapters 1 wifi, 1 ethernet? Press F1 to continue” message. Accessories, remotes, software, power cords, cables, etc.


I think that when you’ve entered gnome via startx, you should do a “logout” via the I forget which menu to return to level 3 text mode. I’m also a Windows nsi, and having no desire to become a self-educated IT technician, Linux was not of interest to me.

Clearly a kludge, but it’s worked fine so far. At least a couple times a month, but it just happened to me twice in 24 hours. It doesn’t prevent the entire system from booting.


Wrote up some setup notes http: I’ll post my experiences tonight or tomorrow. Has anyone solved this? I have hyperthreading enabled and use an SMP kernel.

I can’t do repeated S3 suspends and restore it from the power button because after the first successful suspend from command line and restore from power buttonit won’t suspend any longer. Mine shows the same processors as yours under both the “System” and “Resources” tabs.

Not a huge difference. Msi ms gathering of the RF, microwave and millimeter-wave researchers, technologists and practitioners from academia pcc industry. I also have a question for those more technical than me see end of thread.

If your question is of a technical nature or deals with compatibility ie.

Don’t remember what the default was, but there’s no harm just trying it unplug system from AC, reconnect, and see it it responds to WOL magic packet Yep, should have thought of that!