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By default, Oracle Content Database has a limit of three concurrent requests simultaneous operations for each user. Select Active Directory Server. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Overview Having followed the installation and test procedures above you can then use the JDBC drivers in your own applications. List any other attributes to index, using the names displayed in the UI. The Attribute Map information is displayed. Store both the keystore password and the private server key password in a secure location so Oracle Content Database can access the keystore and the private key.

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As there are no More information. This information is provided when the crawler tries to crawl attachments that are not supported for a particular entity.

Title, Description, Author, CreatedDate. Add user user1 and select permissions Manage user profiles. The names of the containers to be crawled by Oracle SES. In the Communication Mode field, select Regular.

The value for the Realm field is required only when the authentication kdbc is set to either Basic or Digest.


Configuring Access to Content Management Sources

Use the following format to enter the configuration URL: The domain name of the user that is used to crawl the SharePoint site. SharePoint does not allow users without administrative privileges to browse user profiles.

In the Binding Password field, provide the admin user password. Number of ndbc feeds to be pre-fetched. Folder21 and its sub-folders within LibraryName are crawled.

Controls whether folder attributes are crawled. Hopkinton, MA 1 He walks up to them. An Administration user can also check in documents with another user specified as the Author.

Ligero Content Delivery Server. Specify either none or portnumber.

Getting Started with the Documentum econnector for JDBC 4.2

The host name of the computer where OID is running. Hopkinton, MA 1 More information. The format for an attribute list is AttributeNameAttributeName. Admin permission is a superset of all the permissions.

Chapter 9 Java and SQL. Select Repeat time from the Repeat list. Within your Java code you will need to do the following steps 1. Enter a supported authentication attributes of the active ID plugin, such as nickname.


You can use a real-time result filter query-time authorization to ensure that the user has access to each result document. While crawling a DocBase, an attribute is indexed only if both name and jdnc match the configured name and type; otherwise, it is ignored. For example, Write permission includes Read permission. It is not generally necessary to use the Docbase server API but it is included in this document to highlight this functionality. Enter a valid DocBase name.

A document is re-crawled if either the content or the jdhc security access information of the document changes. Documents deleted from a Library are removed from the index during incremental crawling. Other product names, More information.