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The Nvidia graphics card used in Dell 15 Lx turns off or on automatically for specific applications demanding dedicated graphics. Alienware 17 R5 from Dell Outlet zdevilinside , Dec 26, at 6: Released in January , the has an entirely new design refresh, with a smaller footprint and lighter chassis. It should be applied directly only on top of mating surface of the actual core and its Thermal Cooling Assembly and then spread evenly using a Thermal Compound Spreader. GPU and display requirements for notebook PCs can be found here. Shame I already just ordered my tube of AS Ceramique not 5 minutes ago.

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The last complaint is likely due to Nvidia only having recently [ when?

Despite the overclock, Dell honored Intel’s warranty for the processor. Shame I already just ordered my tube of AS Ceramique not 5 minutes ago. However, it is recommended to place the Copper Sheet without the Thermal Compound to check the fit. Verde Notebook Release Worth mention is that there are three different models of the new XPS 15 available right now.

Retrieved March 16, The chiclet-keys of backlight keyboard are matte black and feature a slightly concave surface area. Dell has introduced a handful of “speciality” models which were based upon particular models in the XPS series, but had unique characteristics.

Adds notebook support for 3D Vision on external displays. While the XPS designation used to mean the hardware was high-end and well suited for gaming, that is no longer the case. How about curing the Thermal Compound ideally? Upgrades PhysX System Software to version 9.


It has been mentioned that this was done to focus more attention for customers seeking gaming computers, such as Alienware.

Dell XPS M Specs – CNET

How about using Arctic Ceramique instead of Arctic Silver 5? But I personally dont see why I should do Dell’s job for them.

Bronze and Brass have poor thermal properties and Gold, Silver and Diamond are not cost effective when compared to Copper. From toas Dell grew into a large corporation, ngidia XPS line lost its position as the leading-edge performance machines and became essentially just a line for fast computers. This model being more media-oriented than gaming currently does not feature a dedicated graphics card.

Compared to its predecessor, the XPS M, the model M was physically redesigned with a completely new chassis available in a grey, white, blue, or red. A portion of the profits made on this special edition are being put towards nvdiia for a cure for the AIDS virus.

Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: KreeeeeJul 2, Its much easier to apply than ceramique and you can easily get a thin layer, in tests it has been proven to be on par or beat AS5. Similar to the Studio XPS 16 but trimmed down into a The M motherboard still uses the Intel PM55 chipset as the M but overall the motherboard uses less power than its predecessor.


It features a With the standard battery, the laptop weights 1.

Dell XPS M – nVidia GeForce M GS – Copper Mod | NotebookReview

A system that came out in How about using a better Thermal Compound than Arctic Silver 5? This is now not available in the United Kingdom.

In an ideal SLI configuration, the 16x slots must be close enou the second 16x is at the far edge of the board. It was replaced by the XPSwhich is nearly identical to its predecessor.

Quadro Desktop/Quadro Notebook Driver Release 340

It was replaced by the XPS Dell became aware of the problem and found that it was limited to Nvidia chip production G and GGPU’s, as a result, the BIOS was updated to A12, which improves thermal control but does not prevent it from reoccurring.

This problem was exacerbated by poor thermal contact between the chip and the heat pipe the gap is too big. Released in Octoberthe is similar to the but with the new Intel Skylake processor 6th generation I series and a Nvidiz 3 with USB 3.