Neurofeedback Training Events

Advanced Training For Neuroguide Z-score and LORETA Neurofeedback

Introducing the New Neuroguide 3-D Brainsurfer Program

A Three Day Course led by Dr. Joel Lubar with Dr. Mark Zola
Thursday June 6 through Saturday June 8th, 2013
Event Held at the Comfort Inn-Oceanside, Deerfield Beach, Florida
Convenient to the Ft. Lauderdale Airport and US 95

Overview and Learning Objectives

This will be an advanced training; participants will be expected to already be using NeuroGuide QEEG and LORETA NFB on a regular basis. This will be an interactive, “seminar” approach where participants are encouraged to present cases. Participants are asked to bring their laptops with Neuroguide, caps and other mapping materials; gel will be provided.

There will be five main training goals for this workshop;

  1. Learning how to evaluate the goodness of fit between the Neuroguide Symptom Checklist treatment recommendations and the unique needs and characteristics of each client you work with at each phase in their treatment
  2. Learning how to conceptualize and when to conduct hub and network connectivity training in Neuroguide. Dr. Lubar will share some key resources and reference materials towards the mastery of Brodmann area and network/hub targeting.
  3. Learning how to best display and evaluate client performance, progress and learning curves both within and between sessions. Emphasis will be placed on how to use this information “real time” to motivate the client and beyond that, inform referral sources. Pros and cons of different reward displays are examined.
  4. A detailed trainingon the new Brain Surfer 3-D imaging and training program. In addition, Dr. Lubar will review what is new and important in the latest releases of Neuroguide, particularly with connectivity training.
  5. Developing an overall strategy for incorporating Neuroguide assessment and neurofeedback into your practice via case studies and on-going mentoring. We will also discuss which types of client presentations and diagnoses best lend themselves to Neuroguide z-score-based treatment. 


Thursday, June 6th 

9:00am to 12:30pm 

The Neuroguide Symptom Checklist; Learning how to reason from “First Principles” with the Brain and it’s EEG

Dr. Lubar has a rather unique approach to using the NG LORETA NFB programs. He views the NG Symptom Checklist as an invaluable clinical aid, especially for newer neurotherapists who haven’t yet learned how to reason about client symptoms and a client’s brain functions , or it’s EEG. The mark of an experienced clinician, in medicine or psychology, is to know when to say to a proffered treatment plan “but my patient is different…..” In this presentation Dr. Lubar will demonstrate his way of understanding 1) WHY the NG Symptom checklist is making certain treatment recommendations 2) WHEN to accept the Symptom Checklist Recommendations, and 3) when and how to modify or augment them based upon the unique patient presentation. Case studies will be utilized.  

2pm to 6pm

Documenting Learning Curves with Precision and Transparency in Neuroguide

Dr. Lubar has long been a proponent of rigorously utilizing learning curves in his clinical work with NFB. Dr. Thatcher and the Neuroguide team have worked closely with Dr. Lubar over the last 2+ years to modify and expand the NG NFB software to do just that. Dr. Lubar will demonstrate just how much precision can be obtained in documenting client learning and how to best use it as a client (and referral source!) motivation tool.

Friday, June 7th 

9:00am to 12:30pm

When and How To Train Hubs and Symptom Networks in Neuroguide

As the Neuroguide z-score NFB system evolves, the user is increasingly faced with the option of treating individual symptoms via the Symptom checklist or via the treatment of certain connectivity “hubs” and/or functional networks involving various parts and structures of the brain. Dr. Lubar describes his thinking and approach to this clinical decision making task. Of particular interest will be his clinical use of the default network.

2pm to 6pm

Introducing the Neuroguide Brain Surfer Program

This will be the first public training on the Neuroguide 3-D Brain Surfer Display and program. We will cover; 1) Hardware requirements and recommendations, 2) demonstrations of its use and capabilities, 3) comparing and contrasting the Brain Surfer with Brainmaster’s Avatar system, 4) recommendations as to when and how to integrate Brain Surfer into your clinical practice and procedures.

Saturday, June 8th

10:00am to 1:30pm

Q&A, Case Studies and Clinical Integrations with Dr. Lubar and Dr. Mark Zola

Every clinician’s practice patterns are in some way unique Dr. Lubar has had 40 years of clinical experience working with physicians as his primary referral source. We will take this opportunity to allow more-in depth discussion of case studies provided by the participants.

Dr Lubar wil be available for the rest of Saturday afternoon for private consulations and mentoring.

Workshop Cost: $1,095

To register now; Contact Mike Gismondi at 845 551 6472 (cell) or 561 202 1953 (office) or email; or register via PayPal below. There will be no refunds after May 18th; however full credit will be given for further trainings with Dr. Lubar.