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The choice of different inputs is for flexibility and its intent is not or should not be to offer different sounds. Here are a few sources for free DSD Downloads: The phono stage of the Brooklyn does an excellent job. If this level is too loud signal is too loud or distorted the following steps should be taken by the user: I am not going to detail this process here since its simple and all you need do is follow the step-by-step instructions provided by Mytek. The PS teaser photo in the home page was a subtle way to state its the 2nd consecutive Headfonia review in 5 days from Nathan. Who came up with the idea of the Mytek company?

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The first option I toyed with was PCM up-sampling. Subtle instrumental colors and shades did not sound the least bit bleached so the emotive quality of tone and timbral difference were conveyed in all their glory. A couple of things. Cookies Policy Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Production finally hit a year ago. I don’t know about Stereophile’s plans Related Latest Reviews Recommended. I’d graduated from Warsaw University of Technology. So it does not matter if there is jitter in the external source.


Thus the actual digital recordings vary and the DAC must handle them all very well, particularly the wide dynamic range signals more typical for audiophile quality recordings. We publish its English translation in a mutual syndication arrangement with publisher Wojciech Pacula.

The phono stage of the Brooklyn does an excellent job. These features put it on a very, very short list in my book, and for the price it might just very well be the best out there.

HiFi – Mytek Digital

That said, 64xDSD was very compelling and I’m not so sure you can draw file vsd conclusions without counting in any number of other variables in the playback chain. That would make me very interested in acquiring it…. This is merely tricking the brain. Thread starter amirm Start date Aug 12, Such DSD rips are a tough to get hold of and b of questionable legality. There are the 6dB jumpers, and there is some finer tuning from the menu.

Trim Submitted by Esprit on August 7, – 8: Could you tell us the sound differences with Wadia ?

Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC review

The Silver Preamp doesn’t. With Jurewicz being a Polish native the need for an interpreter is eliminated. An SACD player or our DAC for instance would have gentle filter that would keep this noise flat at resonable levels, so it is usually not an issue, but the question remains” is it audible”?


Thanks for that detailed response Michal. But of course, this is my opinion. Not compared the pre-amp abilities yet.

You can find out all about it here: I finally feel like I understand the Mytek a bit better now. Do you know if JA has Submitted by labjr on September 14, – Please visit our Privacy Policy page for myte information about cookies and how we use them. I would esd Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on August 7, – 8: Sometimes, he gets to listening.

Upsampling or downsampling between them does not really do justice because of conversion artifacts. Submitted by tbrads on October 11, – 8: If there is a difference in sound between digital inputs, then this would be a flaw in the product.