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Forum discussion about touchpad drivers. And, as far as I understood: You’ll also need to download static- build-fspc- Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Joined Apr 30, Messages Also scrolling using the right or lower border of my touchpad was possible. Though don’t think it is.

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Is there a fundamental difference between Lucid and Karmic? Also the guys at tackpad. I compiled the driver with debug output enabled, and it looks like the driver is receiving a smooth stream of absolute packets from the hardware.

That has fixed my problem although it does seem a bit hit and miss at times to get the scrolling working. Zyzzyva Executive Member Oct 2, The webcam should be supported through the uvcvideo module wihd default, if not:. Finally some progress, can’t wait to make it fully supported. My friend will need it soon I’ll fork Chris’ project on GitHub and work from there.

Save the file then tfackpad. Now, no keyboard or mouse works, not even usb ones. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Will this bug be fixed for the next Ubuntu? And what bugs me is that I cannot reproduce the original good state even with a clean install or a live-usb.


Unload psmouse with “modprobe -r psmouse”. I am finding that in absolute mode the touchpad is not very accurate and a bid jittery – not so in relative mode.

[ubuntu] MSI Wind U Trackpad issue

Register a new account. And this device enabled gesture support on Mac OS X and also on Windows if the required drivers are installed — see links [ 1 ], [2], [ 6 ]. You will need 2. Working nicely here with Wind and It can’t be turned off because I can’t add features to the Trackpad preference pane. wlnd

I see that the corner scrolling is disabled. Comment on this change optional. Aside from that, there are no out-of-the-ordinary configuration steps.

Nominated for Karmic by phil. Posted October 30, Hello Phil, I found this article, which seems pretty detailed, but unfortunately, I am not comfortable enough to give it a try myself. It is available at http: I also have an MSI A and I used phil’s source module tar, and FSP works, except that after a suspend, if I touch the pointer tfackpad all it goes crazy with clicks and movement and causes the machine to be unusable without a restart. Trakpad do not test the daily folder, but the one all the way at the bottom.


MSI Wind U100 Series Touch Pad Palmrest Black Keyboard

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. As far as I know Msi only put the Sentelic touchpad on the 6cell version so I’d avoid that one like the plague if I was you.

I found out I had u1000 by using the “xinput list” command I found at https: There is some hint of Sentelic having a multi-touch gesture capability in their later touch screen product, but I do not think the pad has this Just run the following: Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink.