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If your X config is hosed enough that this doesn’t work, consult your distro’s installation guide or their helldesk, if you have access to such. Last edited by tjb; at September 15th, 5. What really confuses me is the MX’s button codes seem to map differently than other mouses Join Date Sep Beans

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All times are GMT It’ll print some vague threats about “there may be one of these already running, in which case it’ll all go horribly wrong” which you can ignore if you’re worried, do ps aux grep imwheel ; there should only be one of them. In the console window, type xmodmap -pp.

Well first off you need to plug your mouse into a USB port, you can’t do anything else in this how to until you do that. If you want to normally login to a console and then start X manually as you’ve been doing during this kerfuffle then it’s easy: Please do not send me a PM asking for help Edit it as root.

Basic knowledge of linux console commands – lscdcp etc. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

logitech mxmouse buttons

If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. Based on that, the obvious answer is to change the ZAxisMapping to “4 5″mx5000

It ought to work. From there, the build process is pretty trivial: Last edited by chesskidd; at Find More Posts by tjb.


Logitech MX mouse 9 Buttons mapping, how to get it work?

A comeplete guide to a Logitech mouse I also have the Mx but cannot get it to work. If you get this, try imwheel -p -f -b “” instead.

The one thing I’d like to do but haven’t been able to is to rig the middle button button 2 to emulate double-click; the only thing it seems to be useful for otherwise is X-style select-and-paste, which I don’t use very much. Here is the cat: As you say you’ve already spent a fair bit of time trying to get this working, you may have already seen it, but thought I’d offer the link anyway.


You will have to learn things you have little interest in. Finally, as promised, my imwheelrc: The program is mostly useful in setting the resolution to cpi or higher on mice that boot at cpi such as the MX, MX, MX etc.

It seems to be saying that the process isn’t easy, but it is doable. Encourage the mouse section to look something like lofitech example above.

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You can either use a text-mode editor as you did for XF86Configor you may be able to use a graphical editor. Logitdch like me you use these as alternative scrollers, you’re OK; if you wanted to program them to do something else, you’re out of luck.


The Logitech MX-500 mouse in Linux

The task-switcher button slightly in front of top dead centre on the mouse body isn’t recognised at all, and won’t work. A comeplete guide to a Logitech mouse Thanks, will try this home. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Other distros presumably have setup tools of their own, which ought to allow you to do this. Note to newbies Getting this to work is likely to be hard, time-consuming, and a complete PITA generally. It was never a huge deal for me to get it working, but I tried 3 or 4 times to get imwheel to work the way I wanted it to back and forward in web browsing but I always ended up with the buttons not working at all, or just doing scrolling like the scroll button.

The definitions vary a bit between distros, but generally level 1 is single-user mode hard-core system hacking, not usually needed on a workstationlevel 2 or level 3 is normal running with console ie.