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Slaughter on the roads. Hope that will reset the invalid setting, too. By rooster59 Started 8 hours ago. Regards Edit Typing this and then on the phone so submitted it without seeing the most recent post. In Europe those stickers have actually become meaningless, the law does not allow to limit warranty in such a way since the owner is allowed to add hardware to the computer another harddisk, RAM if he has enough expertise. Used the “disable automatic restart on system failure” feature in Windows Boot Menu F8 and got my blue screen: Basically you are right, but I assume you don’t have too much experience with PC warranty issues, right?

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I like the hairdryer solution, will definitely try that.

IPC-Computer PDF Data: MSI S MS

Dividend Paying Thai Stock Options? I think POST would be when the keyboard lights flash up, right? Status Update Reboot after complete Power Disconnect 5 minutes and longer did not work. Hope that will reset the invalid setting, too.

The obvious solution is to detach the drives, then enter the Bios and revert the change, BUT Why even try to fix it? By webfact Started Yesterday at This is a tough one! Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Since I started working on this computer because of a failing harddisk, this might not have anything to do with my BIOS issues after all.


Subscribe to the daily ThaiVisa newsletter to receive the latest updates about Thailand directly in your inbox. Most components have manufacturer warranty anyway, I doubt Lemel would add much to that anyway. Posted November 6, By Pa John Started 59 minutes ago. This actually indicates a problem with the NTFS file system. Black tourist taken off the street in Pattaya for not having his passport.

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By rooster59 Started 8 hours ago. While tampering with the stickers I found out that the PC has only 1 year warranty despite the big 3 year warranty sticker on the front. Regards Edit Typing this and then on the phone so submitted it without seeing the most recent post. Australia swelters through heatwave as records tumble. Used the hair-dryer to remove the stickers and open the case.

Entered Bios to reset the culprit setting. Press the front panel start button with the power cable unplugged or rear switch mainboarf and you won’t have to wait 5 minutes.


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Already have an account? You’ll see the front panel button flash as it drains the power supply caps.

PDF Dokumentation, Partlisten, Explosionszeichnungen für MSI S262 MS1057

OK, guys, you are great! By webfact Started October If it’s a hardware issue will find the exact problem to speed up the replacement process. I thought about flashing the mainboarv but the computer will probably hang before booting from USB. Maybe it worked, but it didn’t reset the problematic setting.

No more fleecing of tourists on Koh Samui, deputy governor tells media after taxi fare scandal. The situation is a bit annoying Appreciate any input for the shortest way out of this mess!