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This is a book with both personal and transpersonal dimensions. It is also an adventure in consciousness, an exploration of healing, and a heart-warming love story. In between these woven narratives there is genuine education waiting for the reader. It is education in neurobiology, how people persevere in the face of illness and tragedy, and how spirituality can transform us, and lead us on ever widening soul-journeys.

Marty Wuttke is one of the most respected pioneers in the field called “neurofeedback,” which is really “biofeedback for the brain.” It is an evolving form of self-regulation with a fifty-year history, for which Marty has been around for about thirty-five—since the 1980’s. While he was teaching neurofeedback at the legendary Menninger Foundation, he met Susan as a student and learner. Some years later, Susan faced a life-threatening illness, which had her wheelchair-bound, and a fragile shadow of her former vibrant self. A friend recommended that Susan, as almost a last recourse, see Marty for therapy. The therapy, lasting a couple of months, was successful, and it revealed the underlying cause of her illness—extreme stress from PTSD, and trauma to her children.

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