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Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. This page was compiled by Edward Mendelson. In the terminal, run man tpb to learn about other ways to use the Access IBM button. And if so, then which driver should I look for on hte Lenovo site? I can’t see any trouble for Ubuntu kernel to simply include this patch. So I am in the process of building a T frankenpad, and thinking about what cpu I should get.

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Scroll Lock indicator utility for Windows – ThinkPad The same program is 3.

Ibj Read View source View history. So I am in the process of building a T frankenpad, and thinking about what cpu I should get. I’d be surprised if it makes much difference, although there are some things like changing the screen brightness that Vista doesn’t change automatically – although that’s easy to change from the keyboard manually.

If your system does not work properly after rebooting, restart the machine and use the Grub editing commands to add the string nohdparm to the line that boots the kernel. I wanted to install Linux to the second hard disk while keeping my original Windows XP system on first internal hard disk – and I wanted the Linux installation to leave my Windows installation and its disk entirely untouched.


Configs – ThinkWiki

Matt Zimmerman mdz wrote on Eliminate this delay by opening a terminal kbm entering:. My device manager shows the above hardware as Not Working. Please also check if a similar config already exists, give a recommended version and comment on the link to your configs page what goal you have achived with it or in which way it can help someone. The fix in thibkpad not ideal for us because it requires loading radeonfb which we don’t do by default, as an explicit decision.

Ubuntu Linux 5.04 on an IBM ThinkPad T42

ThinkPad T41;internal display, Ultranav, Radeon xorg driver. Has anyone tried the Lenovo Power Manager? Hi, first time posting here. Could you possibly attach the output of the lspci command? Critical update for Rescue and Recovery v3. ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software for Windows 8.

Device Man shows dead hardware: ACPI/IBM What is it? – Thinkpads Forum

In the terminal, enter this line:. To use the blue middle TrackPoint button as a scroll wheel, do the following. You might want to consult this full list of VGA modes for Linux. If you don’t want to insert the CD each time you update your system, comment this out by inserting the character at acoi front of the line.


Do not use this page for information on installing Ubuntu Linux 5. OK, sorry I marked it major – I guess since suspend is off by default in Hoary, it is not major. This involves using a utility to power down the video card on suspend and power up scpi resume. Client Security Solution 8.

I will leave you to figure out the details. A good dual monitor setup thnikpad perhaps also work. You should experiment very carefully with this, and test whether any benefits occur.

I can’t see any trouble for Ubuntu kernel to simply include this patch. AND a solution is at hand, use it!

A regular suspend without radeontool works fine with all these options disabled. I’ll back it out when something better comes along. Next, enter these commands in the terminal:. TrackPoint driver for Windows – ThinkPad