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Finally, the licensing costs can be prohibitive when doing a large-scale deployment. After the release of version 1. See the SupportWare page on how you can support the effort financially:. For all its qualities, Hypersonic SQL is not multithreaded so it is not appropriate for server-side developments. Searching our resource database to find your matches First, CPU and memory consumption requires a dedicated server. NET implementation of 1.

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Participation in the program is by annual subscription or sponsorship. To load a database, it simply re-executes the statements. The JDBC driver is implemented in the class org. I think it may also be useful for embedded applications.

Notice that, in standalone mode, you can specify a path before the filename. In other words, hyperspnic is lost after the application terminates. It is also useful for testing and prototyping. Granted there are excellent Java drivers for the major databases in the market: The development is in its late stages. The directories ldbc listed below:.

Ideally, it should be cost-effective to deploy and transparent for the user. We welcome direct, priority contact with developers from those projects to ensure a smooth transition to new versions.


Please test this version and report any issues you find. We continued to fix reported bugs against 1. Point releases have appeared on average twice a year. We have actively developed and released 8 new versions of the database since April and the code has hypwrsonic on from the Hypersonic SQL original.

JDBC:ODBC driver for jboss-hypersonic required |JBoss Developer

Simultaneous development on the next version, now designated as 1. New databases are created with the default user “SA” and an empty password. The following statements demonstrate hypesronic. The latest version 2.

JDBC – ODBC Drivers, Connections and Strings (URL)

You can download the latest version from http: Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which QuinStreet receives compensation. What is your company size? I have had some success with InterBase, although some users found it intimidating. It is written entirely in Java, so it will run on all the Java platforms; it is compact, weighing only K and, since it is an open source project, there is no per CPU license. Post a comment Email Article Print Article.


It is also the database engine in OpenOffice. Their power, which is a strength for server-side development, becomes a liability hypersobic desktop or standalone projects.

Hypersonic Windows Jdbc Gateway Odbc Jdbc

For all its qualities, Hypersonic SQL is not multithreaded so it is not appropriate for server-side developments. Granted, any of these databases run on a development machine but a developer’s computer is not typical of desktop computers.

Hypersonic SQL also supports auto-numbering columns, called identity columns. This has led me to search for a standalone Java database.

Now Javascript is disabled. It offers a small, fast database engine which offers in-memory and disk-based tables and supports embedded and server modes. Today This Week All-Time. It connects as user SA and an empty password:. We also rewrote the whole area of code that controls persistence and jypersonic memory caching of disk based rows.