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September 29, at The drives all said they needed formatting but failed to format. So i am never going to try EBAY unless i am sure that key they sell are not fakes!! September 15, at 6: The real thanks should go to the host of this site for making this info available to everyone. November 6, at Some Remarks You can click the column headers of the speed tests table in order to sort by the desired field.

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Hisun Flash Disk USB Device – windows vista drivers [FOUND ]

Just loaded it up………put flassh stick in…. November 7, at 4: I had my suspicions since the package stated 8gb but the leatherette covering has 16gb imprinted on it. Please remember that i am not responsible for the tools and any damage caused by them to your systems, as i do not scan them for viruses or spywares although they are both spware and antivirus tools are active on my system hence please take care to scan them first.

August 18, at 1: Might as well render them usless too. Martin Pedder, Boomerang Sounds. I have a hacked usb bought off ebay which is 4GB but i think it is only really a 1 GB.


Hisun Flash Disk USB Device – windows vista drivers

They had all failed after a few months use, presumably when the users first hit the 2GB ceiling of what they thought was their 8GB memory stick. September 8, at 8: My pen drive which Tamer sent me at no cost for finding the fix is dead already.

The media is Likely to be defective. Cause data corruption happens when you use fake capacity of drives. November 24, at Keep default settings, at least to start!

October 27, at 9: September 27, at 6: December 28, at Its a 2gb, i tested it. Good thing, chris that it worked, did you use some other tool or the one from this very site itself?

Drivers >>> Hisun Flash Disk USB Device driver

April 30, at 9: Giovanni did you first fix the drive if you think its faked drive? Support Bloggy Bloggy Support me or Bloggy bloggy by buying us me and my blog items that help us both: Download and install it.

The real thanks should go to the host of this site for making this info available to everyone. Well if ur UK go with Emax as suggested by Ian and othersthey seem eisk be legit sellers of keys.


April 13, at 3: I have asked others as well. I tried all the previously mentioned versions of udTools with no success; however, the lastest version posted at http: Thx much for your help!

And tell that to your seller that if he sends counterfeit key back both him and u will end up in jail due to strict legal system, and if he does not refund you, he might inform authorities of that persons address for shipping counterfeit products to uk. October 15, at 9: Do you have any questions regarding your driver installation? May 18, at 3: You can enter your own vendor name, but only the first 8 characters will be programmed.

Hi, There is no correction of data filethat crc comes because the pdf files have non-english characters, i have zipped those 2 pds in separate zip hisjn within the zip itself, so you will not get any crc messages this time, but do reload the page as file might be cached on your browser.