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2 Week Healing Intensives - Neurofeedback Training For Rapid Change

neurofeedback patientAfter twenty five years of experience and application we have developed a two week program for those individuals who are seeking a more intensive and rapid approach to solving their problems. These two week intensive programs give the individuals brain the push it needs to be free of old patterns and behaviors. We have found this to be THE MOST effective way to train the brain to make the changes it needs to be more functional.

 About our two-week intensive programs

  • Sessions are Monday through Friday (weekends off for sight-seeing)
  • Each Neurofeedback session is approximately sixty minutes long, one session in the morning and one in the afternoon
  • Specific nutritional supplements for neurotransmitter regulation are used and recommended as aftercare
  • Local massage and cranio-sacral therapists are available for body work to facilitate the process
Clients stay in local hotels, motels or cabin rentals. We are located in in a resort/vacation area of the beautiful northeast Georgia mountains in Rabun County. If flying, the Atlanta airport is the closest international airport. From the airport the drive is approximately two hours north.
NFB (neurofeedback) is evolving into multiple channel application due to advances in technology. We teach and have been using LORETA Z score NFB. This requires 19 channels (full cap). Client training is completely individualized - there are no arbitrary choices in regard to location or frequencies trained. At the beginning of the 2 week intensive a qEEG is recorded and symptoms are matched with brain locations (Brodmann Areas) and aberrant z scores for absolute power, relative power, amplitude asymetry, coherence, absolute phase, phase lock and phase reset - these all are measured according to z score database matched for age, sex, handedness, eyes open/closed conditions. This is how the training is individualized: only those metrics that are actually 'off' are trained. Then, every day of intensive training a qEEG is recorded and the training modified according to changes.

What others have said about our 2 week Intensive:

"Just the most powerful 12 days of my Life. The Neurofeedback Intensive was just wonderful. So many insights! Thank you very much for the experience of a lifetime. This is just the beginning of a whole new world - the real world. This is going to complete my oriental practice of the healing arts." MA - Oriental Medicine Doctor
"The Experience that brings it all together. Merging both state of the art technology (in Biofeedback) and sacred ancient formulas, Martin Wuttke has a way of facilitating the experience of profound self-realization and rooting us deeply within the infinite well spring of unconditional Life Itself." K. Rehling
"You tied together many of the areas I have studied for over 25 years and made it a verified whole. You gave me insight of how we as practioners can make a deeper lasting impact on mankind. You have ignited an enthusiasm for helping people again at a much deeper more meaningful way." Dr. Steve H. Senart - Cranial Chiropractic Specialist
"I feel very grateful for the direction and possibilities you have shown me. The anger in my heart disappeared. The excessive stress and energy from my head went down. This opened a whole range of new experiences within myself!" Marietta van Hall - The Hague
"Your expertise is the finest in your ability to transverse the obstacles of our minds and heart. I have gained information that is life changing. No one has blended the EEG training as you have." Teri Stokes - Neuromuscular Specialist
The cost for the 2 week program starting in 2013 is $3800 - this does not include lodging and transportation. 
If you are interested please fill out our online application (or phone us at 706-212-0195). 
Call for a current list of our available dates.