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Please project onto this area for best results. The selected stroke color may be the same as or similar to the background color. Hot Keys There are twelve hot keys on the right and left hand sides of the board. If any items are missing or damaged, please contact your authorized reseller immediately. Genee powerboard instantly recognizes pen or finger movement to accurately track users anywhere on the screen. To improve the displaying speed, the size of the image in use should be no larger than the size of the screen resolution.

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Perfect for school auditoriums, conference rooms, trade shows, symposiums and lecture halls. There are three situations of whiteboard connection errors shows the White Board is not connected properly shows the White Noard is in the process of connecting shows the White Board is connected properly.

Create unlimited screen and standard slides Geee various pens including a gesture and intelligent pen Use screen annotation over any open application Quick access to windows calculator and MS office documents Custom screen record and various playback options Presentation tools including spotlight, curtain and magnifier Insert various audio and video media including live video feeds Personalisation of hot keys Backgrounds, with import ability.

Once integrated with Polycom or other video conferencing systems, using Interactive whiteboard can improve video fenee results and efficiency.


To keep it simple, the system records your last location adjustment parameters. The orientation data saves in the Interactive whiteboard software automatically and remains unchanged until you the next time you calibrate.

Software / Driver Support

Please change the stroke color and try again. Genee powerboard is a finger touch whiteboard utilizing infra-red ir and gesture technology and combining state-of-the-art hardware with leading edge software to give unique performance in the board rooms, conference suites and classrooms.

Yes, please refer to Setup Page Background. The Interactive whiteboard is sensitive to pressure and can be boad as a high-resolution interactive white board.

Power Distribution Board in Hyderabad. Is the object covered by the page sorter window really covered?

Writing pens and eraser There are three colored writing pens and one eraser, red, black, and blue. Please contact your reseller immediately. Genee Sense — Whiteboard Sensor Interactive whiteboards.

Double-click on the Microsoft DirectX9. The interactive whiteboard also supports third party software applications. The functions are listed below: This electronic board is used in the sphere of teaching, training and presentations.

Genee Powerboard – Interactive whiteboard

Can recognize touch of a single-finger, multi-finger, right-click, left-click and double click. View Contact Call Seller Now. We could carry on but instead you can download a free trial from geneedownloads. Writing with single-finger, moving with multi-finger. If possible, convert the picture that will be inserted into WMF format first.

Geenee can even save your presentation so that it can be uploaded to an online resource area or for future presentations.


Genee Powerboard – Interactive Powerboard

In order for the image to be displayed on the screen clearly, set the image size to the same size as the screen being displayed. Designed to work on interactive whiteboards it provides a presenter or teacher boardd an infinite canvas area as well as some very useful presentation tools: Control Panel Board in Secunderabad.

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The whiteboard displays your penmanship instantaneously. Can I custom define a page background and color?

Get best deals for coconut. Designed to provide a platform to boost interactivity, the Genee Powerboard is available in a wide range of configurations and sizes, enabling you to tailor the right solution to accommodate your needs.

Using the wall-mounting brackets as a template, place the 8 stilettos on the wall and screw bolts into each hole. If you would like to use a Kensington lock insert and loop the cable through the center hole on the frame, position the pen tray in line with the four screws, then screw the pen tray in place. The selected stroke color may be the same as or similar to the background color.