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Source Jacob on twitchtv stream Maybe will get lucky and it will come out this year. There is not a single HDMI real 7. For EVGA products go here: I don’t think will see evga sound cards or dac released this year. Def enjoy that ZXR, its a good card.

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All you eea do is laugh, everything else is out of our control. Multi driver headphones are a gimmick. It’s sitting next to the keyboards. This thing was announced ages ago and we’ve never heard anything of it since. So far no reports about evga sound cards at CES I don’t think will see evga sound cards or dac released this year.

By the time EVGA launch a sound card, if they do, it could be a whole different chipset running it and totally different features available to it. So until they say yes, THIS is what were putting out, or someone else gets a confirmation and prints it in tech news, I wouldn’t put too much thought into it, especially since the last we heard of it was CES I have a Sounblaster Zx. I was looking at this as well.


LKML: Masami Hiramatsu: Re: [PATCH] ASoC: uniphier: evea: fix typo ‘eva’ -> ‘evea’

I have forwarded your query to EVGA. Its what we do here,: When I used 5. I wouldn’t make any decisions yet.

I heard we should hear more about evga sound card come Q3 July, August, September. What the snap-crackle-pop EVGA?

EVGA Sound Card

Samsung gb, HDD: To use this option: We didn’t evex it on display at Computex in June. I appreciate the info. Omega is a very niche company. Scarlet-Tech It’s sitting next to the keyboards. Detach all monitors and TV’s from the video card or the onboard video controller. The prototype looks sweet but the niche in this eveea is true 7. Anyone know if EVGA has released more information about it’s upcoming sound cards? As of today no new information on evga sound card. There is not a single HDMI real 7.

EVGA Sound Card – EVGA Forums

VVhiplash What happened to this?? I have a gaming HTPC hooked up to a 5.


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Your ZXR card is a very good consumer grade card so evga would really have to do there homework to evez something better than that and competitively priced at that price level.

MSim CES is just a few days away, i wonder if evga will give us an update or not.

I really would love to see both the sound card and keyboard. Source Jacob on twitchtv stream.