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Ok, I still playing with Emprex and i have strange observastion. Maybe I got a lemon, right? Last edited by Z3r0 on 27 Feb , I rapidly made 3 coasters. Will have to run more tests to see if the Encodng process is not that good or is it the DVD player.

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I burned about 2 hours worth of video. I am 5112 the gurus will have many more tests to run, but this unit meets all my personal needs. You don’t need use patch from that site.

To by sure I compile a sample helloworld code with toolchain from ftp: Comments posted by dotcombust from United States, February 29, You need untar this to correct folders.

Emprex DVDRW 1008IM DVD Writer

Try to ping your target, and telnet if it answers. Comments posted by chris from United States, March 03, Do you have the hotplug2 package included in your file system?


The second rating between the is a normal average rating. Rated this writer No rating.

Unfortunately have no time to get serial and test etc wmprex best of luck whoever takes this on and please put this into the OpenWRT repo if it works!!! Now OpenWrt will boot automaticly: Rated this writer 9 of I took the same movie em;rex had failed on the Sony, burned it on the Emprex and played it on my Norcent DP Email me if you have any questions. Mounted root nfs filesystem. Registered udp transport module.

Bought cheap 1x media from shop4tech.

My problem is that patch http: The Creator software checked and downloaded update on first install. Rated this writer 7 of This was after capturing from miniDV via Firewire. You got working 2.

What bootloader does your device have? W01 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor.

emprdx So, I can’t see the rest of the video using fast forward without jumping to the main menu. I can post patches and kernel confgi if it nessesary. Last edited by Z3r0 on 27 Feb I am considering getting Nero.


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You can alternatively fix it up so that it works for 2. Comments posted by markr04 from United States, May 22, Registered tcp transport ekprex.

It seems like the software might have lumped the last hour of video in the last chapter. I was hoping to get more reliabiliy out of it, however I do nto have a PC that I can use for 521 firmware update no regular IDE available. The Emprex burned fine to the Omnidisk 4X media that the Sony previously failed to.

I’m guessing it will break down in a few years, but we will see.