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The second method to overwrite is the factory method executeQuery , which returns an IResultSet object. Remember that editing a data source editor when you click a data source in the BIRT editor does not call this same set of classes: The factories must generate observers for data source connections, data set queries, parameters, and result sets see Figure 1. The observer method that you must overwrite is the prepare method, which is responsible for preparing the IQuery method for execution. Let’s consider the runtime plug-in first.

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This task allows an application to use a report document as a temporary cache that contains all the bindings, expressions, and aggregations. That roughly describes all the objects that are used in the runtime plug-in. The definition for both can be seen in the newDataSourceWizard and the designer data source kda properties in the manifest editor.

But what is different about the ODA architecture is that several of the observed calls are actually factory calls, requiring the observer to create new objects that are themselves observers. It is responsible for opening the data connection to the data source. The composite that is created calls the DataSourceWizardPage.

If you are using the wizard, the Connection object most of the boilerplate code is already written, but you complete the implementations of these methods. The Driver class is the root observer for the ODA.

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Subscribe me to tdp notifications. For a database query, you use a Structured Query Language query. View a larger version of Figure 8. This article walked you through the process of creating two plug-in projects—one for design time and one for runtime.


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Creating the pages for the data source and data set editors is a simple matter odq registering property pages in the manifest editor, and then creating Standard Widget Toolkit SWT composites. The open method is one of the methods observed that you must override. The design time UI plug-in is not required, but x,l is helpful. You can then apply sorts during the retrieval process. BIRT’s internal data engine serves as the observed object, and the developer is responsible for creating the observer.

The IQuery method follows this same pattern of being both an observer and a factory. For the report document ODA, this method closes the Data Extraction Task’s result set iterator and sets all objects to null.

You must write each of the get column methods and get data type methods. It calls a separately defined property page. The method returns true if there are remaining rows and false if there xjl no other rows to return.

The BIRT ODA extension point

Download the source code For a complete example of a design time plug-in, see the example code available in Download. Knowing this framework allows system integrators to extend BIRT beyond the realm of strictly database reporting. I etp a mostly straightforward Eclipse view development. You use the next method to iterate over each row in the result set.


EclipseZone – ODA Extension – how to access Data

The observer method that you must overwrite is the prepare method, which is responsible for preparing the IQuery method for execution. The factories must generate observers for odz source connections, data set queries, parameters, and result sets see Figure 1. The SWT designer goes a long way in easing the development of the layouts of views.

The complete source pda the plug-in is available in Download. If you followed all of the steps in the wizard, you already set most of the configuration items.

Likewise, the DataSetWizardPage is the first page that is used in data set creation. These plug-ins are fairly complex, but by referencing the example project, you can extend BIRT’s data-retrieval capabilities.

The task requires the name of a report document and the name of a table with a dto set binding.

The report document ODA, contains the name of the data set that is stored inside the report document, which is supplied by the design plug-in and stored in the report design for execution.

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