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It will automatically switch back to 2. One Question on this, I have 8gb of ram Velvet G Ars Praefectus Tribus: Hi guys i am a small developer, i really like to use my sound blaster cards on my machines and i love also coding, so when i find the source code for the kx audio driver on git hub and then Eugene, the creator of kx audio driver decided to no longer maintain the project, i decided to start working on a mod of this driver. I reset the msconfig to normal RAM 4GB , did a reboot an now the recording for audio is still working and not choppy. So get a preamp for the guitar that outboard box has a preamp in it , and then you’ve got a line level signal coming out of that preamp, feed that into whatever new soundcard you get. Hi All This has worked for me by changing the Systems Configuration.

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This article reads like a review rather than an encyclopedic description of the subject.

Is there any good reason to use an Audigy 2 sound card anymore?

Some users claim that using VoodooHDA they hear loud bump at system start and sound in system comes with noise. Mar 21, Posts: I’ve never had a sound card give me trouble and I haven’t really had to troubleshoot many PC problems on my own rig in years other creativ a crappy Asus Mobo that never wanted to actually power up.

If the Audigy you’ve got still works, it may have a line-in that you can either use on the backplane or tap from the headers need to know which cards specifically thoughand feed the preamp into that. If its the latter, then I will simply have to disagree as its totally subjective and I prefer it thats all.


Post 15 of However, is there any good alternatuve to use it over the “on board” sound found on modern motherboards? The bottom one uses something else, only a few cards support it, I have no idea why you’d bother plugging audigt in though.

What i’d like to implement but i don’t know how to do: If so, how can i tell if it’s compatible? For digital, I’m fairly certain the difference should be inaudible, for analog I’m not sure – some of the more experienced audio guys will have to weigh in. I assume it’s a external soundcard?

For what its worth, I’m in the exact same situation, and I decided ceative keep on using it. Post 12 of The outboard box for the eX and Plat Pro is fairly similar in functionality to the Live Drive the original eX just has the Live Drive in a stand-alone box.

Workaround for Audigy 2 ZS recording problems on Windows 7 bit

Sep 18, Posts: Tue Apr 13, 7: Fri Apr 16, 5: Posted March 17, edited. Post 11 of EP is rare – it’s like an Jr though! It’s just that multimedia cards like what you’ve gotwith a whole mess of inputs and outputs, are no longer very popular. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


I hope this solution work for all. The noise was present. Or sign in with one of these services.

I’ve been reading further into the matter, and the Audigy 2 Platinum eX breakout box is only compatible with cards up to the Audigy 4 Pro. So get a preamp for the guitar that outboard box has a preamp in itand then you’ve got a line level signal coming out of audiby preamp, feed that into whatever new soundcard you get. The front panel mic2 input was all noisy and garbled until I changed the maximum RAM to Sign In Sign Up.

Perhaps onboard sound quality has greatly improved to what I have now, and maybe throwing in a decent receiver might help but Im getting as much mileage out of this Audigy as I can. I’m going to alernative to take it to a shop to see if they can have some replacement part or something Post 13 of Boot args to use with the kx audio driver mod: Alternatife wonder if there’s a way to make a. The trend now is “PC audiophile” and “home theater” – basically output only devices with maybe one or two inputs.