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Need to find a dealer? The image stabiliser system in my lens does work with the converter so this reduces camera shake considerably but not enough to compensate for the amount of shake you get trying to manually focus an unsupported lens. It’s also reported to be one of the sharpest lenses about. I’ve been impressed with my early experiments, especially with higher ISO ranges. The lens is too long and heavy to hold one handed finger on the shutter button and turn the focusing ring at the same time. So my mm zoom x6 magnification suddenly becomes a mm zoom x12 magnification. Well having finally sweet talked my good lady into allowing me to spend a vast sum on the mm prime lens and I wanted a second body so that could use my mm lens without having to swap lenses and get a lot of dirt on the sensor.

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Having a second camera body, means that I can use both the mm prime lens when it arrived with the 30D for long range shots and my mm lens with the 20D for closer shots. Canin you put the converter on to photograph some relatively sessile subject some distance away, and a rare or fast moving species appears nearby, you can’t dismount the converter quickly enough.

I’ve found this 50000n to be fantastic. That’s great because it means that I can take more reasonable pictures in poor light conditions i. It’s also reported to be one of the sharpest lenses about. I suspect it’s as a result of cramming more megapixels onto the small sensor. There will no doubt be some softening of the image with the x2 on and 2 stops less light, but that might be a price worth paying in some circumstances.


I started just taking pictures in my back garden, experimenting with the camera settings to see what could be done. Don’t want to be a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’.

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Since it fanon only This model digital camera also helped by virtue of the fact that it appears to crop the picture by a factor of 1. It is a huge lens compared to the old EFmm EF The single point AF has been narrowed to give a fairly small but precise area to focus on.

Camera: Canon N ยท Lomography

That’s because although the image quality is improved you still can’t use the auto-focus. Will all of that add up to better pictures and justify the cost? With a cnaon capacity compact flash card, I could take 50 or more pictures in a short space of time and pick out the ones I liked the best. Firstly it has 10 mega pixels, instead of 8 huh!

It still has Image Stabiliser which still works with the x1. I must read up on that. Drivers Software Firmware Utilities Loading However, as I almost always shoot bird pictures at full mm zoom this isn’t really 500n0 problem for me.


Not good if you are close to your subject as it is loud enough to startle birds if everything else is very very quiet. In my quest for more magnification at low cost, I purchased a x2 converter from Jessop’s. On the down side, the shutter is the noisiest I’ve ever come across. Not in the same league as the 1D which is not without it’s critics but still has some significant advantages over my 20D and 30D bodies.

imageRUNNER 5000

I still needed something bigger! Sheets, Books and 3-Dimensional Objects up to 4. Finally, I have 50000n admit to being a little nervous about lugging around such an expensive piece of kit. The mm zoom gave me more magnification – now x6 – i. I guess time will tell.

My SLR Cameras and Lenses for bird photography

Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute. You can compensate for this by increasing the ISO a little if necessary.

I will only be using this lens on holidays abroad so hopefully it will nearly always be sunny and bright.