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I have one of these. The unit I received was in silver with a brushed aluminum faceplate, but the DacMagic Plus can also be had in a sleek, unassuming black. Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. If you keep reading the instruction manual, your eyes, if they don’t glaze over, will come to a long discussion of the three different analog filter modes: The Best Jazz Albums of With three different digital connectivity options and the ability to connect four devices concurrently, DacMagic is a true digital music enhancement hub. There are digital and balanced outputs, too, alongside the stereo RCA.

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Cambridge Audio DACMagic | TechRadar

I preferred the linear phase filter setting with the PSB as it enhanced the midrange dynamics a tiny bit. Tonality is exceptionally neutral, with clean extension at both extremes and very well-balanced midrange.

Write a customer review. It sometimes seems that Cambridge Audio ‘s ethos is to be everything to everyone, and the DacMagic certainly covers all the bases.

Papillon — Blu-ray Movie Review. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Today, Cambridge Audio is based in Dacmgaic, and their stuff is made in China at factories owned or controlled by Cambridge Audio, which in turn cacmagic part of The Audio Partnership, controlled by Julian Richer, who got richer than Croesus with Richer Sounds, said to be the UK’s single most successful audio retailer in terms of revenue per square foot.

Again, the Oppo had a wider, more enveloping soundstage with a bit warmer midrange and increased low end presence, but the DacMagic Plus delivered a more concise soundstage where the strings and brass sounded especially clear and neutral. How to purchase an open reel tape deck and what to do with it once you have one.


In fairness, this is because the manual is in three languages but why not Russian? I hooked up this dac to my Cambridgw studio monitors. Recording of November The audoo frequency response is, to all intents and purposes, identical to that of the linear phase filter.

Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic D/A converter |

It sounds like the sound is more “filled in”, like there were gaps audil were there before that are now filled in. It gives no phase shift at all within the audio band and rolls off very sharply around half the sampling frequency. Kicking off with USB, the Cambridge proves to be an across-the-board upgrade on the sound provided by a direct laptop-to-amp connection. The Oppo provided a warmer sound with more bass and midrange fullness along with a wider soundstage.

IKEA carries some nice, small power strips, and there are other accessories for dealing with awkward wall warts. This was the ideal cambrldge for my tastes and I was able to enjoy many hours of listening while at my desk working.

Instruments were planted in their own space, giving a more realistic presence. All this wizardry is achieved by a Texas Instruments digital signal processing chip, aided and abetted by DAC chips from Wolfson and some decent op-amps and passive components.


And you might wish that if Cambridge or someone dacmahic offer an optional kick-ass power supply, it doesn’t have to hang from a wall socket. The DAC is very good in sound production, perhaps a little more mid range heavy than top end that I usually like but very listenable and non fatiguing.

They are both great performers and in the end it always comes down to personal preference. Amazon Rapids Fun stories dcamagic kids on the go. The other hidden function is switching the output mode of the Plus.

The sound is a bit less grainy. I still like the Marantz for CD playback. You may want to stick with Linear Phase as your default.

Much to my distress, whence said finger was placed on top the logo, it did not spin around in circles!! On the front are blue LEDs that show selected input, filter, phase, and incoming sample rate. Steep attenuated the highs in comparison, taming the top end of some more aggressive recordings, but bass definition and overall clarity suffered.

What Hi-Fi?

Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. Placebo or not, it sounded wonderful! ATF is built around a bit Texas Instruments digital signal processor that “upsamples” the signal fed to it. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.