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Compared to the ACP it feels the same and both are similarly forgiving. Sign me up for the newsletter. So you want to integrate hybrids into a set without succumbing to game-improvement irons? Posted 27 May – See a trend here as well??

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The other two sets are not as strong in this area, but definitely perform better with off center hits.

a,p Adams Idea Pro a We have edited each of the posts for brevity, clarity and grammar. Just a little about myself. And with these clubs, my expectations were high, very high.

Available in csllaway in steel shafts. This article touches my exact dilemma… What irons should I buy. Look and feel Better. For instance, when golfers hunch down over the ball at address, they become more inclined to lift their entire body up vertically at the top of the swing.

Like the other testers, I xallaway the M2 to launch the ball much higher and is to yards longer than my Adams XTD forged 7 iron. The launch monitor data backed up what I was seeing on the course. I love acp but once again I am also not a fan of ss, but they are playable.

Second Guesses: Did You Make The Right Decision On Those New Irons?

I thought the M2 7-iron would look clunkier than rzar really is. As has been the case since, This was my own fault for not dialing in the distances, especially with the stronger lofts in the 7-iron and shorter clubs. Do that, and your ballstriking will improve blak a hurry. Either way, the key is in staying consistent from the start of the swing to the top and, of course, at the impact position.


All in all, these clubs are very playable and forgiving on shots that miss the dead center of the clubface. The finish has even survived the occasional ball off the toe, something I could not say about my old black Burner 2. The ball comes off hot and lively, yet pretty consistent as well. The M2 went out high in the air, and just kept going forever. If I had my druthers I would put the M1 in the bag as it stands now. Tour World also happens to be the line played by their tour pros like Hideto Taniharawho has the TWVs in his bag.

Infinity Hot Spot Key Feature: The muscle-back area has a titanium section forged into it, effectively enhancing the perimeter weighting of the simple, gorgeous, new forged irons. By the way, spine angle refers to how forward my upper body is leaning toward the ball.

Second Guesses: Did You Make The Right Decision On Those New Irons?

Oh, and raazr the way, in case you haven’t noticed, the forged iron is back in a big way this year. Out of compassion to the readers, I will not include scorecards or swing videos‚Ķ. Once I started making better swings, back to the M1, which was a very nice iron. The perimeter weighting is suited for high-handicappers, but the inventive, narrow, high-bounce sole is a feature than even middle handicappers will enjoy.


While I realize that some of you may be shutting down your golf seasons, now is actually a great time to pick up gear as shops clear the stock for the season. The lofts for both irons are a degree or two stronger than mine, so I would think they probably flew a little further than my gamers.

The best-looking irons we’ve ever seen from Cleveland! Of course you will notice some wear spot on the clubs you use most, but it is still black. Spin was lower, but I was also seeing slightly more draw bias to my shots. The M1 7-iron is visually appealing to me as far as the finish and overall look. Waited for the ball to come down and WTH, with the roll out it was yards longer than balls hit with M1, and that is with a few toe shots.