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Here’s how I fixed the Blackberry. RegSvr32 “The module “xxxxx. Several functions may not work. Reboot the computer ceck if it gets detected and works fine. You will not be able to create a drive letter for it either using MS Disk management tool.

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I ran the DeviceCleanup Cmd utility and rebooted as per your instructions.

Uninstall any “Universal Serial Bus controllers” not in use greyed out. The driver for the card reader is not installed and hence you get this error. If you do have to contact support dont take any crap from em ask em where the vista driver for the hardware is or when they will release it, if they sell a computer as vista ready with vista preloaded it should at least work. Now the window for it popped up.

WPD File System Driver GONE!!! – – An Overclocking Community

Once given a drive letter, I now have both “drives” open in Explorer and can work with files. Meanwhile, I also suggest you first try to uninstall the current corrupted driver and reboot computer to reinstall it. What I think it was, was I fileststem Vista home premium on my computer before installing window 7. Monday, March 3, 3: Is it safe to un-install the driver and let it volmue at reboot or is there something else I should try?


I have also seen solutions on forums talking about the. My two Canon cameras were recognized only a few weeks ago. Please mark this as ” Solved ” PS: Code 10 ” symptoms: Thank you so so much for your time thanks thanks thanks: Also the WPD drivers do the same. The following will most likely not work. Now try plugging your device in and see if it now detects.

The other my desktop has it with second reader built in to my Dell FPW monitor. A third party partition manager may though but it still won’t make it show up in your list of attached drives. Hi there, I have the same problem on different computers. Test them all, find the one that does not work, unplug and try plugging back into a different port, especially if you use USB hubs.

Both OS are bit hlackberry up to blafkberry on patches. Set this to a value of 1.


This here did the trick: Go back to the Computer Management window. I don’t much mind doing this on the laptop, but my desktop has a lot of devices attached to it, including a bunch of network drives.

Because of the environment variable, you now see all devices not in use. Monday, October blackbery, 3: Everything else works on the laptop, including the SD card reader. Video or any other major video sharing website whenever and wherever you please?

Microsoft wpd filesystem volume driver download windows 7 Free Download

Wednesday, April 30, 3: What is taking Microsoft so long to fix this? Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Backup, Imaging, Disk Management Forum. The exact procedure is as follows: