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Sample Database Section Contents. At this point we have our blank report ready for us to start designing. We will use a bugzilla database installed on MySQL as our data source. Data Source The first thing we need to do is define a data source for our report. Sample Database” entry in the new data source dialog. We will also total on the count for the product group but will do that next. The scripts to load a MySQL database are contained in the sample database zip file.

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When we are done our report will look like the following. Not a very good looking report, but at least we have all the data required in a few easy steps.

Also I found results telling me to change MySQL servers configuration to bind to all IP addresses and such but beeing able to connect via mysql eclipee -usomeuser -psomepass I assume that eclpise is no problem on the MySQL end.

Here we will specify our Kysql Set Name, in our case lets call it setBugs. Report Exception when run on server, but no problem running locally.

From the command line, move to the this directory: After entering the SQL, make sure it is performing the query we want by clicking in the Preview Results item in the list to the far left. We will name our report bugListing. It all worked fine and the rptdesign files returned nice results.


For this example we will start off with a Blank report. We will drag the fields from the Data Explorer and place them in the table’s detail row.

Below is my final report after formatting.

Creating a new MySQL data set using BIRT

The database contains typical business data such as customers, orders, bbirt line items, products and so on.

This ER-diagram shows the table structure and relationships. This zip also has documentation and logos for the sample database. After we do this grouping section we should have the following as our report preview. You are now ready to create the Classic Models database: In our example here we will be using a single data source that points to a Bugzilla database within MySQL.

Eclipse Community Forums: BIRT ยป Mysql connection

Expand the zip file into a convenient location. When you mysqk the Insert Group menu item, a dialog will appear asking for the group definition. Table controls provide structure to the report and are “bound” to a data set, displaying data from the set in their “detail” rows. There is an error in get connection, Communications link failure The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago.


The driver has not received any packets from the server. This report took about 15 minutes to build. The list of scale model cars Product Lines: We will use a bugzilla database installed on MySQL as our data source.

To do this, drag a Data control from the Palette and drop it in the group section footer for our product group. Now it’s up to you to apply the formatting you’d like to achieve your desired look. Breadcrumbs Home Projects Forums. Enter the following for the URL template: Your data will naturally vary, but you should see the same fields as in the result set shown below. In the database URL specify the connection, and in the username and password fields fill in the appropriate credentials.

The birf day it simply stopped working with this Exception exception.

The sample database is provided under the terms Eclipse. Now we have our report grouped by product then by component.