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Recording is fine, waveforms are produced. I will try disabeling the playback and see if that does anything. I’ll do some testing over the next few days and I am sure I’ll have a few more questions from those efforts. Do you do that with a USB drive? Wanna join the discussion?!

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May 23, 1. Recording is fine, waveforms are produced. I’ll go back now as I learn more from digesting YouTube tutorials and make them even better. Stumble on a way to do it! Originally Posted by wilson schulbus This will not happen automatically via beyringer XR USB connection where the Reaper program recognizes it as a multitrack format input? Another promise forgotten, I’m afraid.

But that said you must be able to listen to your input using the aux send system to set up a mix. That’s one area I did not consider nor expect to happen if there was activity happening. I spent a lot of money to put this together and none of it works elegantly or smoothly, aside from the app itself. Mixing is done in the DAW.


Dude you were an Immense help, and I hope this thread helps somebody else in the future. So, is there an input gain trim adjustment somewhere I haven’t found yet?

You do need drivers indeed, and I’m afraid they’re not available for XP. This is a bad way to accomplish the switch, it will add much wear to the precious connector, I fear. Both of the older mixers work fine in vMix. Hope this helps in a small way.

Sonar PlatinumStudio One 3. Perhaps that box needed some expanding since I was able to open them up on playback. Maybe you can install windows 7 on the Dell laptop, or find a cheap used one with windows 7 already installed. First couple hour in and getting nowhere. All times are GMT I can move that off to a secondary storage card between sets as needed to free up hard disk space for the next set.

I have a X32 Producer and I have this problem as I had the X32 setup to and vmix was set toso I changed vix to and then I could here sound. I will look into doing a step-by-step document or video about how I set this up. RobCMay 23, Lots of great videos.


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Preparing to return it all. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

Anything you need to adjust in the already recorded stuff you adjust in Cakewalk and anything coming in to be recorded you adjust in the XAir App until it is recorded and then you use Cakewalk I typically monitor what I am recording in using the XAir itself Like a live mixer.

I have Reaper downloaded on both the mobile laptop and my home PC so I’m ready to go. Time to review that as well I guess.

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