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Unfortunately no pick-up options are available directly from this location, you can select a pick up from one of our branches however and we will transfer your order there so you can pick up. I was shocked and Ben calmly explained what could happen and how dangerous my phone was. My web order could not be located and she continued about her business with a professional and unflustered manner. I really frustrated with this solution as there are no timeframe for repair. I had already been in a few month prior and one of you sales suggested a couple of good potential monitor, although they were good they were not at all ideal.

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I offered to show it to him and I’m grateful that I did. Well I reade be happier actually, this young man Jordan sharplin is sharp with his knowledge of these technologies. The screen was bulging on one side and the phone felt hot.

The warehouse staff failed to turn up at her request. He made huge difference to my stressful situation. If we got service of such excellence everywhere especially in the governmentNew Zealand would be a far spacer place. Apaceg that wasn’t successful I knew that I could turn up at 10am today and let the tech guys do it for me. As we worked through my 2degrees contract Ben answered my questions and offered to help clone from my old phone to the new one. PB Tech holds a significant amount of stock in our New Zealand based logistics centre and can ship stock from this location usually within working days see the timeframes mentioned on each product page for more accurate delivery estimates.


I have no real advice here. Your recently viewed items 1. Get the Latest Deals! Because of his manner and knowledge I decided to mention to him a phone issue I’d noticed that day.

Dropped off a Kinder Surprise to him in appreciation for his assistance.

I have also done this with 2. Multi Card Readers If you have an n -in-1 card reader that can deal with multiple cards, the process isn’t cd different. I’m a middle aged woman, definitely tech savvy, but often I find young men and woman condescending and sometimes not particularly interested or knowledgeable about what they’re selling.

Thanks so much Ben. If you have any particular successes or failures using these reacer, let me know. Pickup from 1 store by 1: I have no doubt that because of his manner and expertise I’ve avoided a fire and burns.

Apacer AM Aluminum All-in-one USB External Card Reader | VillMan Computers

As I am a console player only. I said that I thought the battery no longer held its charge and while I wasn’t going to replace it yet, I’d appreciate reder advice. New Zealand Australia Global.


But to find out this man got a pay rise for being such an incredible part of your team.

Apacer – Memory Cards & USB Drives

If you don’t want that, remove it. Enjoyed chatting with him and really appreciated him helping me understand more about the computer I am building. Could not be happier.

The first multi-card reader I bought was a off-brand and would spontaneously disconnent itself after being mounted for a minute or two. Take a bow, PB Tech! I needed a power bank and I was directed to Ben. Pickup from 3 stores by 1: Get the Latest Deals!

I recently got a Compact Flash card reader and set about getting it to work under Linux x He is an amazing customer service he is humble and excited happy and smiling he wasn’t just trying to sell a screen to make a sale he wanted to help the person in need good vibes all round I would absolutely love to walk in to your hornby branch again when I come to get my computer in.