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The other key method to allow golfers to adjust the set up of their golf club is the use of moveable weights. West Texas Ebay ID: So when you rotate the sleeve around it produces different lies and lofts. Podcast Archive Year 1! Check out there websites for more information.

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Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. A better explanation and discussion from someone who has done this for a living for 30yrs http: It’s face is closed relative to the sole plate, so you only see it when you rest the club on the ground.

Want to join this community? Being able to adjust the loft allows golfers to achieve launch angles and spin rates that are suited well to the way that they deliver the club.

Some clubs counter this visual change by allowing you to also change the face angle by using balance points on the sole. Signing up is freeand you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts! I haven’t been there yet because there is a golfsmith much closer to me, but I should probably check them out.

I just figured if the loft would also change, then the website would advertise it and I can’t find that anywhere. I am just seriously OCD. Titliest changes the lie and loft, they adjust on two axis to achieve this.


If you’re worried about cost as I always amconsider buying used clubs. The diagram below shows the mutliple locations that the grip end of your driver shaft will point in each of the various hosel settings. July 6, July 9, admin Views. However having any form of adjustability hoeel the amount of weighting you can use elsewhere on the club to influence the centre of gravity.

How adjustable hosels work (warning geek mode 100%)

I believe that Callaway and TM are similar although both of them also have a face angle adjustment optionand can only assume Cobra would be as well. It also changes the lie of the club. Adjustable hosels currently are very popular among golfers, so there is a need to provide golf club hosels that can be adjusted or bent to change the howel of the shaft with respect to the golf club head without adjusttable structural integrity.

Podcast Archive Year 2! I’ll read up more on it tonight to see if I can find out.

I hope many of you can take the time to read this part of the report and his conclusions. I have a Callaway Razr Fit coming my way soon, so I will check it out when I adjustwble it and see what it looks like. Why do you think the TM setting cards show the different settings at different heights? Once again, The clubhead is glued to the floor with the face square to target.


How adjustable hosels work (warning geek mode %) – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

You sure you don’t have it backwards? So when you rotate the sleeve around it produces different lies and lofts.

Register for free today! Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie. It works because the shaft does not sit perfectly in the middle of the sleeve, it is on an angle.

Several functions may not work. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Originally Posted by LBlack14 If you open or close the club face it will change effective loft.

By saevel25Wednesday at When you adjust a hosel to increase loft, you are actually closing the face fractionally. I said thank you very much and now adjustability is no longer a factor in my reasons to buy a driver.

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