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A. Martin Wuttke

Founder & Clinical Director of NeuroTherapy Centers International 

Marty Wuttke Marty & Susan Wuttkewas affiliated with Ridgecrest Hospital and Woodridge Psychiatric Hospital from 1984 to 1995, where he designed and directed the first large scale inpatient Neurofeedback program in the USA. Neurofeedback was used at the hospital as an integral part of the treatment program. Over 11 years of application and well over 1500 patients went through Neurofeedback training. Mr. Wuttke was responsible for QEEG evaluation, analysis and treatment.

Wuttke is a pioneer in combining multiple protocols of Neurofeedback therapy as an intervention for depression, traumatic brain injury, nicotine dependence, eating disorders, chronic pain, anxiety, chemical dependency and alcoholism. He continues to develop, research, and teach protocols for Neurofeedback application with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and developmental disorders, autoimmune disorders, and stress related disorders. In 2003 new advanced whole body neuro/biofeedback technology hardware and software was developed under Wuttke's guidance. 

With over 30 years of research and application of yogic science of consciousness, ayurvedic medicine, holistic nutrition and meditation, he is uniquely qualified in combining the wisdom and methods of ancient traditions with advanced technologies of today as a way to facilitate healing, personal growth and the awakening process.
"I have dedicated my life to assist others in the unfoldment of individual potential. It is my experience that each person has unlimited potential for health, happiness and for attaining their highest spiritual aspiration. My search for methods to assist in this unfoldment has taken me along many paths of healing - the most important, being the field of Neurotherapy. It is my aim to establish Neurotherapy as an adjunctive intervention for the health system, the educational system, the criminal rehabilitation system, the mental health system as well as for those persons on a spiritual path of inner exploration. For over 30 years, I have witnessed lives change, remarkable healings, and the transformation of individuals."
This method provides an opening to one's deepest resources gaining access to the healer within.


2012 - First Annual Z-Score Training Conference with Marty Wuttke, Joel Lubar PhD, Robert Thatcher PhD. May 21-27, 2012, Ritz Carlton, Cancun Mexico.
2011 - Loreta and Surface Z-Score Training, Presented by Joel Lubar and Marty Wuttke, October 27-30, 2011.
2011 - Loreta Z Score Training presented by Marty Wuttke and Dr Bob Thatcher PhD, June 14-18, Ritz Carlton, Cancun Mexico.
2010 - Wuttke Institute Training Programs
2009 - Center on War Woman Presentation Neurofeedback and the Brain
 - Ongoing presenter at Center for Spiritual Awareness (CSA) summer retreats.
2008 - Pilot Study, DJJ Georgia July 2008 using NFB, Soundtherapy, IM
 - Aug.The Brain and Meditation Kriya Yoga Congress
 - On going presenter at CSA summer retreats.
2007 - SanJose CA, CSE, NeuroTheology: Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness
 - New Mexico, National Ayurvedic Medical Association, 
 - SNR Speaker, Aug 07, Gamma and NeuroTheology
2006 - November, Private Intensive NFB traing CSA Lakemont, GA
 - April, Hilversum, Netherlands, Basic NFB training
 - April, Advanced Training in NeuroTherapy
 - April, Chi Kung Teaching
2005 - Oct 31 - Nov 11 2005 CSA Lakemont Ga. Integrative NFB training program and retreat 'A program for self discovery'
 - Sept 17 - 9-19 2005 Advanced NFB training Hilversum, A-T training and Coherence and Synchrony Measures training.
 - April 2005 Hilversum 4 day neurodevelopmental workshop, 1 day advanced neurofeedback training.
2004 - Oct. Holland, NeurofeedbackTraining
 - Oct. LaBorde Blanqe - France, Two week experiential neurofeedback training/retreat
 - Dec. CSA Lakemont GA, Two Week Neurofeedback mind/body retreat,training and practice.
 - Aug LaBorde Blanqe - France, Two week experiential neurofeedback training/retreat
 - April, Baarn, Netherlands - Basic Training
1998 & 2003 - Speaker and Workshop presenter Future Health Winter Brain Conference.
1997, 2000 & 2001 - Guest speaker on EEG Biofeedback at the Gulf Coastal Conference on Addiction Treatment.
1998 - Guest Speaker at Atlanta SECAD Conference, Southeastern Conference on Addiction Treatment and Recovery.
1997 - Guest speaker and workshop presenter on EEG Biofeedback at the 'Southern Coastal Conference on Addiction Treatment and Recovery."
1994 & 1995 - Guest speaker at the annual SSNR Conferences
1993 - Feb., Advanced Brainwave Training Institute, The Menninger Clinic, KS
1992 - Present - Teaching EEG Biofeedback for several companies including Stens, EEG Spectrum, American Biotec, and Clinical Resources
1987 - 1997 - Regular presenter for the Georgia Biofeedback Society

Susan Wuttke

MSW, LCSW, BCIA Certified Neurotherapy Practitioner, Certified Master Forensic Social Worker
Susan became Susan Wuttkea therapist and neurotherapist for both personal and professional reasons. Due to a near brush with death and having exhausted all traditional methods of treatment she discovered Neurotherapy had a great deal to offer. Neurotherapy saved her life and helped restore her to excellent health. For the past 15 years she has combined Neurotherapy with individual psychotherapy and is currently working with her husband Martin Wuttke, teaching, training and counseling in various integrated neurotherapy modalities in the US and Europe. 
Prior to that she worked at Charter Hospital of Austin, a private psychiatric hospital, as a therapist and social worker on the Adult Psychiatric Unit. She conducted group, individual, family and couples therapy. While at Charter Hospital she was asked to help open an outpatient clinic and serve as director and therapist. She was responsible for designing and implementing new programs and special topic community presentations. Prior to that she worked at Austin Child Guidance Center as a therapist and social worker specializing in the treatment of children using individual play therapy sessions, family sessions and groups. Additionally her duties included extensive social histories, clinical impressions, and diagnosis. She was an organizer for a community outreach program called The Pebble Project which offered some of the first adult survivor/perpetrator groups and child therapy groups. She served on the task force and steering committee designed to coordinate agencies and services working with sexual abuse cases. She has also served on the Board of Directors and worked as a counselor in several juvenile and youth residential programs.
She graduated with honors from the University of Texas, Austin with a BSW in Social Work and a minor in Economics. She was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society, and Who's Who Among Human Service Professionals. She received her clinical training and MSW (4.0 gpa) from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio. During that time she received recognition for her achievement and outstanding performance. She received honorable mention from Hunter College, NY, for a paper submitted to the Child Welfare Journal student manuscript competition. She has been published in a book titled Parenting in the 90's on Appropriate Discipline Techniques for Each Developmental Stage. She has given public presentations on children and play therapy. She was a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, is a trained Hospice volunteer, and trained is BCIA certified.